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Sunday, September 14, 2014

#1118: Sending the little one off

The little one has been in Korea for more than a month but heh here are the photos of the day we sent her off!

Who brings a hugeass teddy bear on exchange?!

YW's like super obsessed with her bear and once when she was hospitalized with appendicitis, she made me bring her bear to visit her. So I took the train in my school uniform, carrying her hugeass bear with me. Everyone kept giving me weird looks >.>

We had dinner at Crystal Jade and the food was pretty good.

And the WL kids came to send her off!

And there comes leewayway with her 2 frogs. TWO. She couldn't leave one behind because they're a family and the one who's left behind will feel left out.

It's no wonder they're good friends >.>


Age old battle of who-is-taller-than-who.

Can't wait to head back to Korea in less than a month!!! x

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