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Thursday, July 10, 2014

#1110: Narcissistic Monday

While waiting for the boy to pick me up for some dinner, I decided to camwhore quite a bit 'cuz I why not? I was having a good makeup day and the sun was still out and mostly just because what's the point of having a selfie camera if you don't take selfies? *shifty eyes*

If you hate me/my face, feel free to skip this post.

Been looking back at my past posts and I realized that I may come across as an air-head, like some one who thinks that the whole world revolves around me and my life and whatnot. But trust me, the reason why I started this blog in the first place was pretty much to have a space where I can refer to events that happened in the past, to reminisce as and when I feel the need or urge to.

I'm a human being as well, some times I really have the urge to just blast out all the thoughts that go through my mind, which usually happens whenever I'm upset or angry or frustrated at something or some one. But the reason why most of my blog posts do not contain much of my thoughts or feelings in them is simply due to the fact that some things are usually better left unsaid. 

It's easy to say something to a close friend who knows who I am and how I'm like as a person and they can judge for themselves whether I'm over-reacting or exaggerating. But to post it up on the internet where anyone and every one can see? That's something that I don't want to deal with because even though words are not sticks and stones, they can still hurt really badly.

I know how it is like to be at the receiving end of words that hurt, even if they're true. So I don't want to be the one who dishes them out on the internet, no matter how much I feel like doing so.

Someone once asked me on my ask.fm if I was shallow. Maybe I do come across to other people as someone who is shallow, I don't know. But more often than not, it is easier to pretend I'm shallow and know nothing and to try to surround myself with happy things and people than to dwell on the unhappiness that life throws at me. If that makes me shallow then yeah, I guess you can call me that.

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