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Saturday, July 5, 2014

#1107: Korea day 4: Family and Friends Guesthouse, Homilbat, Exploring Edae & Korean Street Food

Day 4 in Korea~~~~~

Did all our last minute packing before heading down to have some breakfast! We bought some sausages and some milk the day before and so we had french toast with a sausage omelette this time! Nomz. 

If there is one thing I really miss about Jeju, it's having eggs for breakfast every single day. Really missing #cherylcooks :'(

(Don't try the coffee in this picture, it tasted really bad.)

Managed to squeeze ourselves into a cab to the airport. Was such a tight squeeze because some how the cab we took to the guesthouse had a bigger boot than the one we took to the airport.

It resulted in me sitting like this, really.

I am aware I look really happy in these photos but my legs were cramping up so badly.

Some how we managed to get all our luggages and hand carry to the airport, onto the plane, onto the AREX and to our guesthouse.

We stayed at the Family and Friends Guesthouse which is located at the subway stop Hongik University on Line 2.

Address: 567-27 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-Gu, 121-869 Seoul

From the airport, take the AREX to Hongik University Station and take exit 3. Walk straight till you see "Yoger Presso Cafe" to your left, and follow the bend and turn left. There should be a pedestrian crossing about 5m in front, cross over to the other side. Walk straight pass a children's park (on your left). After you pass the park, take the zebra crossing and cross over to the other side and turn left. Continue walking straight until you see a "Car Pos" to your right (opposite the road) and turn into the small lane to your right. You should see the guesthouse after about 5m or so.

When we reached there, it wasn't time for us to check in yet but the owner kindly allowed us to leave our luggages at the guesthouse while they cleaned the place up for us and we could go on with our plans for the day.

Our first stop was to have lunch! Apparently, they are famous for their soup stews, kimchi and pork belly.

Take the subway to Sinchon and take the exit 1. After exiting the station, walk straight and turn right at the junction. Walk till you see a shop called the 'Foot Shop' and turn right, you should see it.

Side dishes!! I really liked the fish cakes!

I'm not very sure what exactly we ordered because the menu was in Korean but the people working there were really helpful in guiding us as to how to cook/eat the food!

I'm pretty sure this was bibimbap.

And this was pork belly.

To be honest, I didn't particularly like the food here. Don't get me wrong, the food was probably really good, just that maybe I don't particularly fancy Korean food in general? There are some food that I really liked and others that I don't (I'm a pretty picky eater) so don't take my word for it just 'cuz I may not like something.

After lunch we went in search of this patbingsu place. Patbingsu is basically shaved ice and it's a really famous dessert here in Korea and this particular patbingsu place is the best that we've had in Korea!

I really really recommend everyone to go here even though the queue may be slightly long but it's honestly so good that we went back again.

This is located near Ewha Women's University by the way! Which is the same subway stop we had our lunch at.

Take the subway to Sinchon station and take exit 4. Walk straight till you reach the first main intersection (cross junction) but do not cross it, instead, turn left and walk down the hill. At the end of the hill, you should see a 'Megabox' opposite you. Do not cross the road, but turn left instead. You will eventually reach a T intersection and you should see Homilbat at the right.

We ordered the matcha and milk patbingsu and they are served with a side of red bean and mochi ^^ I'm in love with the matcha one, it was soooo good. The ice was so smooth it literally melts in your mouth.

3 happy souls hehe.

And we spotted a stall selling churros right outside the patbingsu place!

Never tried churros before so you can see how skeptical I was about it but it tasted surprisingly good!

Spotted this alley and you can guess what happens next… #OOTD

And next, we went shopping around Ewha Women's University! There were so many shops, all selling pretty cheap clothing? We mostly bought clothing that were between 5,000-10,000 won, I drew the line there 'cuz anything more than 10,000won just wasn't worth it to me.

Had dinner by munching on Korean street food!

Everyone should try ALL the kimbap in Korea. They're basically Korean sushi and they taste amazing. It's different from the ones we have in Singapore but they taste super good some how! They have different fillings like kimchi, luncheon meat, tuna… Nomz.

After staying out the whole day (and shopping quite a fair bit!) we went back to our guesthouse for the night.

Pictures of our room!

We booked a private 3 bedroom with a single bed and a double. It was pretty small but really cosy with all the wood paneling.

Mini living area with a fridge and microwave.

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