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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#1077: Montigo Day 2

My second day at Montigo was even better than my first because I literally got to wake up to an amazing view of the sea. And after all the awe died down, I could appreciate the view I had a lot more.

We woke up really early, like at 730am or so just for breakfast. I love waking up early for breakfasts. (But I am a terror to wake up 'cuz I get really grumpy and snap at everyone within reach just 'cuz I am tired and I value my sleep, hehe.) And also because how can you miss a single second of the awesome feeling of being on holiday and knowing that you don't have work to do at all.

We had breakfast at Todds and I really loved the HongKong style porridge! Loaded up the porridge with loads of salted eggs 'cuz I can never get enough of eggs.

Awesome view while we had our breakfast.

And because I really love the pool, what better way is there to spend time besides chilling by the pool side after breakfast? We were heading off to the mall at 10am so we had 1.5hours to kill.

Attempted to do some work under the sun because when do we actually have the time and opportunity to do so?

The shuttle bus journey to Nagoya mall took us about 1 hour and we had about 5 hours to spend there. Since we weren't hungry yet, we decided to walk around from the top floor down and we found ourselves at the arcade.

I love how cheap the games there were. Literally like S$0.10/game and I had a blast playing the "Spot the Difference" games.

Then we went shopping at the supermarket and I bought loads of random stuff like lip balms and yes, I bought toothbrushes as well just 'cuz everything was dirt cheap. Those 3 toothbrushes costed like probably S$1-2 if I'm not wrong?! Insane.

And we had lunch at A&W! Never tried it before in Singapore or Malaysia for that matter 'cuz I never knew what the whole hype about it was. And now that I tried it, I still don't know what's so special about it though.

And this cute little kitty came to hang out with us for a while. I love cats hehe.

There wasn't much to do there because I've honestly been to Nagoya 3 times in the past 6 months. Every time I go to Batam, I always find myself back in Nagoya so I was honestly pretty bored of the place already.

Slept all the way back to the hotel and only woke up because the bus driver was speeding up and down the roads and I was literally bouncing along with the bus.

And what did I do as soon as I got back to my villa?


Because we were too lazy to head out for dinner and also because we bought noodles in anticipation that we would be hungry at odd hours of the day, we decided to stay in and have noodles for dinner.

And guess who came ringing our door bell at night again!

More "origami" for us! This time in the shape of a turtle. They're really too sweet, too nice.

What's a holiday without some drinks (and we also had to finish the drinks we bought) and music by the pool side?

The older I become, the more I realize that alcohol doesn't make me feel high as much as it makes me feel sleepy. Guess who went straight to bed after a dip in the bathtub? #forevertired #whatsnew

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