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Thursday, March 20, 2014

#1074: Much needed update

I just realized I haven't done an updates post in ages (more than half a month) if you don't count my post on Montigo. Still pretty psyched that I have 2 more days to blog about ^.^

Buttttttt, here's a simple update about what I've been getting myself into for the past 2 weeks or so ('cept for work and school of course).

So I usually work Friday nights and Saturday mornings so I'm pretty much drained out from work the night before and it's hard to function properly on Saturdays. BUT. I went out for a movie on Saturday night at the start of the month (literally 1st March) and although I did regret it the day after 'cuz I was insanely tired, it was a really good movie.

Go catch Nonstop if you haven't done so already!

Managed to wake up in time to go to church the next day by God's grace 'cuz I think I only got home at about 4-5am T.T But He is always good ^^

The day I got back from Montigo, I went into JB for lok lok and my all time favourite wonton mee. (I'm craving for it right now!) I cannot get enough of the wonton mee there honestly. I literally went into 3 countries in one day.

People at customs be thinking dis gurl be crazy.

Pretty pictures of the sun set while we were on the expressway.

So my dad found this scrapbook I made when I was like in Primary 1 about my family. The photos are too precious not to share and I brought it to work to show everyone.

Here's one photo of my sister and I when we were young. I LOOKED SO CUTE BACK THEN. #pubertywhathappened #pubertywhatdidyoudotome

And since his highness hasn't been on my blog for a while, here's a photo of Snowball begging for pats as he usually does whenever I wake up/come home from work or school.

Latte art I made, just a cup full of hearts.

I had lunch with my favourite Tay sisters on Sunday before work! I miss Kerrie so much and work isn't the same anymore without her here T.T

Gave myself a few hours off on Monday to catch a movie and NO REGRETS. Once again another pretty good movie. 3 days to kill! Go catch it if you haven't!

Because colours make studying easier and more bearable. My mini-collection of coloured pens and highlighters to brighten up my notes a little.

Because I've been lovin' black and white photos recently. My face after workkkkk. #muchtired #manyexhausted

I really wna be skinny (read as skinnier). I know I am by no means fat and everyone says that if I become any skinnier I'll be blown away by the breeze. #neversatisfiedwithwhatihave #thegrassisalwaysgreenerontheotherside In any case, I've always felt that I would look nicer if I'm skinner/lighter and if I do not look fat, it's because I do not post photos of me looking fat in them (duh). #whowoulddothat #imustbecrazyifidoso

I'm not anorexic/bulimic (hell no). I'm just insecure about the way I look and I'll only post photos if the camera makes me look skinnier than how I think I look so when I posted this photo, everyone asked me to get out/shut up. But the truth is that I'm just not the size I really wish I was. #toeachhisown #hatersbehating Don't judge me just 'cuz of this. I'm just stating how I really feel about myself.

Just yesterday, I went to make enquires regarding my next step after I graduate from NTU. I'm a Taurus, and Taurus people do not like change. We will stay in a dying (dead) relationship just because we are scared of change and do not want things to change. So I'm honestly scared about taking the next step out of NTU which has been my safe haven for the past 3 years. I don't wna have to make new friends and be thrust into a whole new environment that's so different from what I've been used to. But at the same time, it's a step to the path I've always wanted for years and that makes me excited about it as well. We will see how things go but I believe and have faith in God and that He will bring me to greater heights no matter what I choose to do.


SUPER dead today 'cuz I had work till 11pm last night and I had lessons from 830am to 530pm today. Plus a project meeting till 630pm. Literally was in school from sun rise to sun set but I'm glad I survived!

Stripessssss for Wednesday.

I will try to keep this space more updated!


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