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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm coming home

Am feeling so so drained from work now.
Just imagine, last week, I worked from Monday to Saturday and this week, I'm working Monday to Sunday. Which means out of 14 days, I'm working 13. Just imagine that.
Am feeling like a total workaholic but I'm going to tell myself that it's worth it for the money I'll get.
Kind of regret chionging work 'cuz every one I know is chilling out this month and totally getting some R&R before school starts and here I am working my ass off like some idiot.
And I'll only have like a 2 day break before school starts.
Omytian not looking forward to school, like 1.5h journey, ONE WAY, and I know no one at all :(
Worst fear: Being lost and having no one to call for help.
Yeps, story of my life if that happens.

Ok I know I haven't updated on my US trip yet, that's 'cuz the photos are in my mum's lappy and I don't really have any access to it, or to any laptops in general 'cuz I don't bother looking for one.
Oh well.
Mad tired shall go to my room night night.

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