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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey baby boy,

It's been the best 35 months ever since you first stepped into my life and even though it was never all ups and happy smiles, you did make my life much better ever since you showed up.
I'll never forget the way we first talked, or the first time we met, all these are in our memories, (as well as in some archive in my blog).
I'm so proud of the both of us because we survived through your army years.
Every one claims that those 2 years are the hardest to get through, simply because your bf is never there for you, especially when he has to go overseas for his training and I will admit that those 2 years were tough on the both of us, but we pulled through.
Maybe it was those 2 years that actually cemented the friendship we shared, as well as built the foundation of our relationship because I can remember how flimsy our relationship used to be, any little temper tantrum could tear us both apart.
But now, I can safely say that no matter how angry I am with you over whatever you did, I still cannot bear to just leave you.
Some may call me stupid for sticking to you all these while, but I choose to think that I see the potential in you, that you can be a better person, even if every one else can't.
I know that you see the same in me as well.
We've been through countless ups and downs and I don't know what the future will bring, but I hope that despite whatever is to come, the one thing that will remain the same is that you'll always be by my side.
I'll always love you.


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