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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The sands of time.

Hello everyone!

I'm so so so sorry for not blogging more often, been super super busy recently! Well, that and the fact that I don't have pictures with me, pictures are like with every one and no one is sending them to me/fb-ing them so please, if any one has pictures of me recently, kindly tag me in fb or something and I'll see if I have time to squeeze a post in?

But honestly I sincerely doubt so.

OK, wna know why I've been so damn freaking busy for the past 2 weeks or so?

I've been working Monday-Friday since last week which means I get home really late and wake up in time to crawl out of bed, wash up, put make up on and leave for work.
Then I get home so late and I'm so exhausted that mostly all I do is like remove make up, bathe and zonk off on the bed.
And last weekend was my birthday weekend!!
I'm fucking 19 and I feel so damn old.
Got so damn wasted on Saturday (night of my celebration at ph) that I spent my whole birthday (Sunday) hungover.
Special thanks to Jiayan, Kailun, and of course, PEARLEEN for taking care of me that night. I'm sorry I was such bad company. No more flaming lambos for me, 2 is enough for the rest of my life tyvm.
Oh and thank you to Dawn for making it back in time for my birthday dinner :)
And Esther for meeting me after work at town!
And thank all of you for your well-wishes!

And anyway that sums up all the free time I've got that weekend and then this week started with work everyday and I tried to squeeze in time before and after work to do the lens thing which is so so so so draining and exhaustive.
I bow down to Dawn for being able to handle it, but I think it's cuz she has a laptop most of the time whereas I work at shitty places that have a computer but the internet access is restricted to Lancome websites.

Highlight of the week: I bought a hot pink luggage with mum! But it'll only be delivered to my house tomorrow morning, and I'm working tomorrow.
Which means I can only really start packing on Friday night.
And I'm leaving at like 6plus AM on Sunday morning.
AND my whole Saturday is booked up.
ARGH WTF. This is why I've been so damn stressed up.
I hate hate HATE being busy, I'm more of a lazy person who prefers to have things to do from time to time but not be like outright busy. So I really feel very stressed and have been relatively short-tempered recently so I hereby apologize to whoever I've been like nasty to.

Which reminds me, I really can't wait to leave sg. REALLY.
Ok as today is mask day, and I haven't bathed yet, AND I have work in the morning tomorrow, I shall end this post here.
Luv y'all!!

P/S: Click on my nuffnang ads please? :)

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