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Monday, August 30, 2010


Just went through a 6/7 hour study session with dawn and I must honestly admit that I do my best studying whenever I'm with her. Like who else can just sit there with me for this many hours without complaining? After dinner we were talking at the bus stop while waiting for our buses to come when it really struck me just how far our friendship has come.

I'll honestly admit that I didn't have a really great first impression of her. Kind of found it weird how a junior came to tag on my blog for no reason, especially when I had no idea who she was. My second impression was the fact that she had a really short skirt back then in XMS. Lol. Totally horrid impressions right? But I'm really ghlad that she had that chalet back then in 2007 and that surprisingly, she invited me to go, even when were not that close to begin with. Through that chalet, I knew both dawn and pearleen better and I guess that pretty much sums up with the "How did we meet" part.

Then comes along some problems I had in secondary 3 and I turned to the both of them. They were the best listening ears I can ever ask for. And that incident pretty much cemented the friendship to be what it is today. It's been 3 years and 2 months, to the exact date and I'm glad that this friendship is as strong as before, even given our clashing schedules, different curriculum, and different commitments. We may not be meeting up as frequent as before, but I know that they are the two people I can always count on to have my back. You know some people find out that they have no one who can turn to whenever some thing happens? Mine's the exact opposite.

I'm honestly glad that after all the incidents that ever threaten our friendship posed as a catalyst to strengthen it instead. After 3 years, I'm proud to say that we've never even have a single quarrel. Thank you God for giving me this two sisters that more or less are the reasons for me still be sane. Haha. I love you both very much ok!

To put it simply, Sisters4lyfe ♥♥♥

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