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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I met up with (one of) my best friend(s) today!


Look who I met up with today! Hiak hiak, totally hao xiao, supposedly we were supposed to meet at Hougang to look for her bb cover plus ear piece. Then we totally forgot about it so we met up at Compass instead cuz I wanted Starbucks. And we ended up talking in KFC (and walking around) for like 2 hours I think. So much for studying (which reminds me I'm screwed for tomorrow's SEA.) Anyhoooooos, I don't really give a fuck cuz it's the last paper and I'm really sick of feeling the NEED to study and not the WANT to. Oh and I just remembered that we totally wore matching outfits today! Notice the pink top, white shorts and black slippers! Telepathyyyyy much! Heeheeheeheeeee. Anyway life's good when you know you'll be free in approximately 18 hours and that you have a 5 day break afterwards \m/

P/S: Pardon the bad quality photos, bb cameras really suck.

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