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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fill this.

Hate how boring my blog is right now. There's nothing much to update cuz what's interesting when all you do is go to school, go home, study/use the computer till 11/12 plus then sleep till the next day and repeat the whole routine again. But strangely enough, I don't feel deprived off the fun every one craves. LOL. I think I'm turning into a nerd. But my weekends are my solace and they're what I look forward to! I get to meet my bb and bbgs + my weekly dose of Starbucks! Even if we spend the whole day studying, I'll still be happpppppy. OK. I think this is just a post to fill up the space on my blog. It's gonna be flooded with words and no pictures soon boohoo. Shall go take pictures or something this weekend to brighten this place up. Okai, off to study nao~~~~~~~

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