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Thursday, March 5, 2009

You are so screwddddddddddddddd!

No photos for now, but just a short update.

I like how my week end's planned, starting tomorrow. Will end school at 1 pm, shiok not, you tell me can already. Then going with Heng&Huat&Ming Ting&Desmond to sing K, afterwards has yet to be planned, but on Saturday, we're having a cross country run, Heng Ong Huat all don't need to run! Double shiokness okeh! Heng&I are part of the house exco and Huat has injured his ankle before maaaaaaaaaah. People run 3km we slack nia, heehee. After that's mahjong@Desmond's yo, my fingers have seriously been itching to play and I've finally found people to play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Am so happy right now. Most probably I'll be going down to AJ with Ming Ting to find partner and Joelle! Not sure when but I'll get to see the 2 people I've sat with in both Secondary 3&4, heehee, I am happpppppppppppy.

But I'm currently stuck with PI, dammit, I hate thinking of promotions, like suck to the max man. Not real PW some more la caaaaaaan, why must I waste my time and ink! Printer ink is like so damn fxcking expensive right now.

And I miss Desmond :(

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