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Monday, February 2, 2009

first day.


Hello people, my hair's smelling really nice right now and I feel good.

I've just completed my first day at NYJC and am currently at Desmond's. Heehee, I'm not as alone as I thought I would be in NYJC.

Suddenly so excited to be in NYJC.

Okeh, I shall stop saying NYJC right now, I know it's getting irritating but let me just say it one more time, NYJC! :D

Haha, met Ming Ting and Steph in the morning and I found out that a helluva XMS people are there too,well at least much more than I expected.

Jun Long, Kah Wee, Lionel, An Qi, Yong Qing and blah blah, like all there can! All NY Science some more, yay! Got many many people to accompany me la :)

Saw Serene, SC and Ken Foo too.

Talk from 8.30 to 9.30 by the principal and damn, he talks except like PAC, reflect become refract, so cute aye, the way they pronouce their 'f's. :B

Tour around the campus was not productive at all, machiam like I don't remember anywhere I've been. Except maybe the front gate, parade square, hall and canteen.

Hung out with Kah Wee and gang during the break and then had another 1 hour worth of subject talks then off with Steph and MT to Serangoon Central's Mac.

I predict I'll be spending much time after school there.

147 to baby's house and here I am on his brother's lappy, not sure if I'll still be meeting girl friend but I've got to go to Compass to get *.

And damn, I'm still paying adult fare :( Hope can get the refund soon la.

Okeh, am gonna go wait for D to come back from helping his mum and aunt buy 4D.


P/S: Desmond didn't sleep the whole night just to give me a morning call this morning. Is your boy friend as sweet as that? :D

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