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Monday, January 12, 2009


Music: Fergie - Labels of love.

Bet every one's out celebrating or being grounded or whatever parents do to their kids when they get their results. But poor me, am at home!

Honestly, I don't mind, it's been ages since I last came back for dinner and I wanted to spend today with my parents! I even turned down an invitation from Audrey and the guys. So it's not like I'm date-less.

Am back from Desmond's house, I told him to come pick me 'cuz I'll be sure to cry, be it for happiness or sadness and he did. Hee.

But anyway, I'm really pleased with my results! It's no where near all A1s but I'm satisfied. In fact I think I did better than what me or any one else expected.

My one and only regret is that my Accounts didn't score the grade I wanted, but it's a small setback compared to what I achieved.

Am not gonna blog out my results, only those who asked and my closer few know, that's enough.

Am proud of Pearleen and Dawn and my sister of their Chinese 'O' results too, all As you know.

And I really hope that Audrey and I can get into the same school, no need the same course but the same school's enough! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her and I thought she did really well, if only she didn't score that mark for that subject...

Anyway, if Audrey reads this...

Hey girlfriend!
Cheer up kay, I know it isn't what you've expected but I think you did really well for the rest.
It's not the end of the world and as Joan Chia said, a few years later you'll just look back it as one of the million memories you had and smile.
Like when we collected our PSLE results we all cried right?
But in the end, we all agreed that it was great that we had the results we got, it got us into the same school and got us many other new friends that we both love right?
So believe me, there are many other options (as I and our lovely VP mentioned, as your other friends if I'm not mistaken) and anyway, there are many people who scored much worst! (:X)
And so, please be nice and date me out and we can whine about life.
You still have to date me for the cookies!
I love you! :D

(Desmond, don't be jealous)

Kay la, think I'm gonna watch my Bu Liang Xiao Hua, I'm at the 12th episode already, heeheehee.

Then afterwards, read my Toxic Bachelors.

I've been reading and re-reading my Danielle Steel's books. Am so happy to read them again except for the monotonous storyline and some sexual content. But besides that, most of her stories make me cry. (:O)

Psst, Audrey, do you recognise my bookmark? HEEHEE (:B)

Oh, and I think my sister really cute, she's so happy for me that she even boasted to every one about me and blogged too. Haha.

(L) Yiwei. (And Desmond too (:D))

(And Audrey and Dawn and Pearleen everyone else)

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