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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Chalet was okay I guessed, took bus down to Pasir Ris and saw Zhao Zhi and Elgin while walking to Downtown East.

Met Elaine, Shawn, James, Jun Long, Chee Kit, and Wen Jun near the bowling alley then up to the arcade to pass time.

The guys and Elaine played Datona (I don't know how to spell it) and surprisingly, Elaine's quite good at the game. DDR-ed for the first time in more than a year too.

All bought Cup-walker then walked back to Aloha and met up with those in the chalet.

5 rounds of mahjong and then helped start the BBQ.

Haha, this is the first year I actually helped to start the fire, I was more of playing and mingling around then helping with the fire and bbq-ing. Gawd, how I miss hanging out with my 205'06 classmates.

I'm really glad that Elaine kept persuading me to go down for I would have missed out on all the fun.

Went cycling with the guys and Elaine to the Red house and after much debate and heisitation (on my part), we climbed in and I fell into the drain, damn dumb.

My little finger's swollen, my thighs and arms scratched. Thank God, no bleeding.

Walked inside but didn't go into the house and then climbed out again 'cuz the guys said they felt that something's wrong.

Cycled back to the chalet then Elaine and I attempted to carry a table into our room to play mahjong. Desmond was going to bring the tiles.

Dropped the table as we were attempting to carry it into our room and it slammed into my toes, causing two of them to bled and one of them broke.

All these accidents happened within 30 minutes, scary not?

Elaine bathed then we walked to DTE to pick Desmond and Eugene up, Elaine and Eugene went to play bowling while I accompanied Desmond to Mac for his dinner.

All walked back to our room and played mahjong 'til around 2 before going to sleep.

Woke up at 6 and then Elaine and Eugene went home whereas I went to Desmond's house.

Haha, that's about all. Sorry it's so boring but I'm rushing for time.

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