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Friday, December 19, 2008

Tell me that I'm special even when I know I'm not.

Music: Plain White Ts - 1234

"There's only one thing, two do, three words, four you, I love you.
There's only one way, two say, those three words ant that's what I'll do, I love you."

Was initially supposed to meet Desmond around 1 plus, but in the end, I was stuck at home watching Mr Fighting while he messaged me at 2 saying that he was just going to take a bus to Sim Lim. You tell me how not to be to be pek chek.

Was so happy to meet him at first, then had to wait 'til like almost sian diao don't want to go out already.

I became from this.

To this.

All just because he took so long to hurry up get his pay and meet me.

At 3, he messaged me that he had already reached Boon Keng station where I was supposed to meet him but I was still at home with my brother. Bro said that he was going to Plaza Sing to meet Wan Xin so I waited for him then left together.

Desmond got up the train at BK and then my brother went down at Dhoby and we proceeded on our journey towards Sentosa.

At Vivo, we first went to the Vivomart to grab food and drinks as I'm so not gonna pay the ridiculous prices at the 7 Eleven there when we can get the exact same food for almost half the price at the main land.

Then, up to Daiso to get a mat.

Next, sky train to Sentosaaaaaaaaaaa.

See how sian diao B looks, so irritating. Give me dumb face.

You know how the sky train will slow down as it journeys to the beach station? Well, it slows down just above the soon-to-be Integrated Resorts, seriously, I can't wait to stay there when they're done up.

For now, they just look like any other construction site, nothing interesting.

It'll be fascinating if I come back half a year later and actually see the buildings up, instead of all the ground work still being laid.

Our next destination, tadah da dahhhhhhhhhhhh, Palawan Beach!

Desmond usually goes to Siloso with his friends, and I, to Palawan. I agreed to go to Siloso, all until he said that we had to walk, for like 10 minutes.

I went "No way" and as usual, I got my wish (:

So we laid the mat, sat on top and just sat there fully clothed until I really buay ta han 'cuz the sun was so fxcking hot.

Told Desmond I wanted to get into the water and started stripping.

Lol, Desmond was like going, "don't want la, I not figure, only got fats". HAHAHA, he now then know meh?

I keep telling him that he has no muscles, only full of fats, and since when has he believed in me? Only know how to argue that no, he has muscles, no fats. Hahaha, this time when he has to finally strip in public, he admits that he has fats.

Gahahaha, my Ah B so cute (:
Want to see his fatty body, wait a while, below have photos.
So we went into the water in the end and I got him to piggy back me around in the water, hahaha, so fun. He machiam don't need to carry me la, I hold on to him can already.

The water practically made me weightless.
And this dumb idiot kept on turning around and around in circles. Don't know for what fxck, but he just did. And I ended up with a massive giddy spell.
Don't know why he can't just stand still or walk in one direction but have to turn around and around.

So in the end, I told him I couldn't take it any more and walked out of the water and sat on the mat.

Heehee, waited to see fatty? Here you go, his photo.

See, see, seeeeeeeeeeeeee, no figure, only got arm muscles.

And okay, I know my face looks retarded but I had a "bad face day", can't blame my face for looking like a retard right.


After a while, we got hot again so into the water we went. He went straight into the water. But I stayed on the land to draw a little something in the sand.

Here's my lovely in the water, haha, he looks so smallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

Well, here's what I drew, or rather, wrote in the sand.

Beside the D, it's supposed to be lips, didn't do a really great job but I think it's okay (:

I know, I know, it's so typical of everyone to write in the sand, like nothing special. But hey, since it's so typical, what for break this "tradition" right?
And while I was busy trying to make my writing legible, this gorilla found a small coconut in the water and just as I finished writing, he took it and drove it into the sand by the side with a "nah, give you coconut".

I think he so cute can?
Of course, I hadn't taken a photo of my writing yet and so I picked up the coconut and gave it back to him.

And guess what he did with it...

Ya, he threw it. Then turned back at me and said..
"It never skipped."
Ah duh DUH, it's not flat, it will not skip like a skipping stone, like so obvious?

But apparently, not obvious enough for this big dumb fella, but hahahaa, I still love him kay.
After that, he asked me to go back and put the camera back, and he attempted to wash away my writing.

Haha, when asked why, he said it's our privacy, cannot let others know, then continued splashing.

You tell me, where else to find such a cute baby boy? His mentality is unlike any other 18 year old I know. More of like a 5 year old kid or something, so cute.

But as usual, what he does never works, not like the first time. All his splashing did was wet the area where I wrote the words.

In the end, I just dragged my feet across the words and done, managed to erase them. Don't know why this kid never use his brain to think.

But I still love him, very very much.

Played a while more in the water, I even piggy backed him! I'm strongggggggg, Grrr.

Bite me and I'll punch you. After all, if I can piggy back a 55kg (as he insists he weighs, though I think it's more like what, 57?) boy, I think I can throw a mean knuckle punch.
Watch out, idiots.
Soon, I started shivering like fxck cuz the wind kept blowing and blowing. So after much persuasion, Desmond got me out of the water and on to the mat. But the wind still blew, and I still shivered.

At least until the water on my body dried up a bit.

That was when I saw the sun. It was about to set and I wanted to get a picture of it. It'll be my first real sun set with a boy I love, so I didn't want to miss it.

Was debating if we should go get washed up first then take photos or just go take a photo then go wash up.

In the end, I just pulled myself up and told him to go take a photo first if not no time to take any more and then, we packed up the stuff and walked.

The sun set was rather disappointing though, due to a layer of clouds in the sky (which I didn't see, but Desmond did), the sun just set into the clouds, instead of into the horizon which I wanted it to.

Grrr, so disappointing, but nevermind, when it finally set out of sight, Desmond started packing up the stuff but I was more in the mood to cam whore.

See, him busy at work and me trying to take a photo with him, so irritating, he don't want to turn.
But in the end I won, like how I always do.
Yay, I love Desmond Mah.
I liked the view, but there weren't any one to help us take a photo so I resorted to using the timer function.

See how pretty the tones of the pictures are.

Ya okay, shut up about my long legs, I know they look abnormally long here so shut up, I can't do anything about it.

Washed up, then on to a bridge.

See, the bridge so pretty, but the place this bridge leads to is even prettier. Guessed where it leads to already?
Heh, you're right! The Southern most point of Continental Asia!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so pretty right, told you, told you.
Just sat at the top of the left tower looking out to the see until the last rays of sun disappeared.

So pretty, I remember spending one whole night there, more than 2 years ago. That night was the first real night I ever ton, remembering how I cried that night as he hugged me from behind can never erase the past hurt that I've felt but now, as I come back to the same spot, I'm happier and much more stronger than before.
Perhaps, I'll come here some day again, and visit this spot, my favourite in the whole of Sentosa again.
After that, train to Kovan, bought KFC back to dearest's house and then he sent me home.
Yay, I think all in all, it's a happy 1st month.

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