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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ain't that typical little liar.

Think I want to go out on a real date with baby, haven't been out with him at all since we've been together.

Boy friend and girl friend for 18 days and not one date yet, pathetic? Yes I think so too.

Doubt he'll ever get to see this, so I'm not hoping that he'll realize it and ask me out first, I'll make the first move, I'll take the initiative, but I think he just doesn't get it.

I wanna dress up and go out, no more tee shirts and jeans, I wanna wear something else that's been hanging up in my dusty old closet for a long time.

Am going to dig out some outfit, some heels and probably some hairdo, I wanna be nice and pretty on my first date out with baby D.

Probably, I'll even get him to fetch me at my house? Haha, too much, shouldn't think so far, hold so high hopes.

Let's start with something typical, a few pictures, a movie, Mango ice cream at Hongkong cafe.

We haven't dined at Subway since forever either.

Think this post is really random.

I want to double date with snail and gong kuay too, haven't seen my Joelle in ages, probably Night Safari's a good place for a date?

Gawd, take things one step at a time, I want to just go out first things first.

Haiya, I'm bored at home, thus this aimless post, no surprise, I'll start packing my room tonight, get rid of unwanted junk, and probably reminisce a million memories, I'll get as much done as possible tonight.

Hey, I just sneezed, does anyone miss me?

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