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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Music: Wang Li Hong - Wo men de ge.

Yay, been posting everyday for this week, so happy, my blog's dead no more :D

But anyway, first things first, happy 1st monthsary Ah bb!

Tee heehee, must make big big and red red, to attract everyone's attention to this announcement.

B, big and red enough for you not? :D

But anyway, happy! Today is the first time I'll be doing some thing special on a first month with any one.

Usually, it's just a movie or grabbing something to eat, today's Sentosa day with my lovely baby (:

Can't wait, hopefully this time I'll remember to take many photos instead of taking one or two, then letting my camera rest all the way.

Teehee, baby's going to get his pay then I'll meet him and off to Cent-toe-sar.

If given a choice, I'll already be in Sentosa, like 10 plus am reach already, but today baby damn busy, at first got what navy thing, then now go take pay. Machiam like no time to accompany me like that la. >:(

But heck, today's our first month, he must pei me.


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