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Monday, November 17, 2008

Wasted petals of a blood-red rose.

Music: Natasha Bedingfield - Angel.

Yes, I've more or less gotten everything for my prom, my dress, my heels, my bag and well, accessories I think I can make do with what I have.

It sucks you know, I've bombed like 200$ on prom, kind of regretting even saying I'll be going, but what's done, is done, so what else is there to say?
Moreover, I've already spent all that money, not like I can refund and take it all back :\
So now, I'm perpetually broke, yes, Broke with a capital B.
Kind of sad I think, I better have a memorable time, if not I'll hate myself for life, literally.

But anyway, I've been going to Bugis for the past 2 days non-stop so here's an update on what I've been up to.


Met Bby at his house and went to eat LJS for lunch.
Met his friends there, (what a coincidence?) and went to Bugis.
First, we walked around the whole 2nd and 3rd floor of Bugis Junction looking for a dress but nothing caught my eye, so I decided to head to Arab street as Audrey said she got her dress there.
We walked one big round and even missed the sign for Arab street so we had to walk back and when we finally found it, it was nothing like I expected.

Most of the shops there sold only cloth to make dresses and well, in the end, Audrey said it was Haji lane, not Arab street so we walked back, and didn't find anything suitable at all.
So we walked back to Bugis Junction and finally bought my dress from Kai.
By that time, we were too tired to find anything else so we went back to Bby's house.

Went to Bby's house in the morning to find me before taking the train down to Orchard to find Joelle.
KK pangseh-ed Joelle and didn't turn up, so it was just the 3 of us, walked around Fareast and at least I managed to get my heels from Mondo, then we went to Bugis Street to find clutches while Bby went to City hall to find a box for his mum.
He came back to find us and joined us in our quest to find clutches, I bought a handbag instead.
Well, went to the Food Junction at the 3rd floor of Bugis Junction and sat there while Bby ate, then we went back, Joelle went home while I went to Bby's house.

And here I am, poor me, stuck at home today 'cuz my leg muscles are protesting thanks to the "vigorous" exercise I've put them through for the past 2 days non-stop.
Hey, I'm a couch potato, give me a comfy sofa, a nice drama seriel and some comfort food and I'll stay there for the whole day, except to relief myself.
So don't blame my legs if they want to hold a strike, I've been pushing them rather harshly recently.

Prom's on Wednesday and I don't know what to do.
There's the hotel room (if we want) to book, and well, so many other things.
I've got no idea where to do my hair and make-up, and I don't know where to go after that, so irritating.

But whatev, I'm going to have a nice rest today at home with my Wei Xiao Pasta reruns.
Zhang Dong Liang's so cute, heeheeheehee.

P/S: Today's the 17th! Finally.
I wonder what's going to happen tonight.
*wink wink*

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