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Monday, October 13, 2008

The man with the broken heart.

I've got to get something off my chest, then I'll be a good girl and start on my A Math, I promise.

She's the girl I became best friends with, all those years back, when I first stepped in Secondary 1, knowing no one and nothing in this brand new chinese middle school.
She's the girl I shared telephone conversations, MSN conversations, SMSes and every other means of contact with.
She's the girl whom I shared secrets, nightmares, dreams with, everything, she's the girl who knew me even better than I knew myself.
Yet, she's the girl I betrayed, stole her love from, bitched about and backstabbed in every way possible.
That girl's name, is Elaine.

Throughout the past 4 years, we've shared everything possible, quarrels, our wildest dreams, backstabbings, hidden facts and everything else.
We've been strangers, friends, best friends, soul mates, enemies, passers-by..
Yet it all boils down to one fact, we've shared 4 years in the same class together.

I admit, I've made mistakes in the past, resulting in the loss of one of my dearsest friends, a friend whom I used to confide in, a friend whom I could always count on to be there for me.
And today, I received a letter from her, stating how she too felt that whatever happened between us was still "incomplete".
Despite agreeing to ending this friendship we had between us many times, it always seemed like there's a piece missing, like the ending isn't here yet.
And I agree with her, she's a person who impacted my whole secondary school life.

Perhaps now it's time to call it a truce, to let everything just be water under the bridge.

I'll write a return letter and I'll pass it to her on Thursday when we're having our science practical.
And as I study later, there's only one song which replays..

Jay Chou's Hui Dao Guo Qu.
Waaaaay back then,
I wish this friendship, or what's left of it, will never end.

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