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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'd rather hear your drunken truth than your sober lies.

I've spent more than 24 hours with baby and that makes me really happy :) :) :)
Been meeting baby everyday since the start of the holidays and that makes me even happier 'cuz I'll be meeting him tomorrow too :D :D :D

Went to school for a mock Chinese exam, then went to Hougang Mall for LJS with Audrey, Joelle and KK.
Throughout the whole bus journey there, KK got shoot by both me and Audrey, expected.
Laughed like fxck 'til stomach hurt still cannot stop laughing.
When we reach LJS, we were still shooting KK and Joelle joined in too.
He kana shoot until bo wei gong, like want to try rebut but cannot 'cuz I didn't give him a chance to.
Baby came to find me while we were still eating then accompanied me to NTUC to get my Honey Stars while the rest went home.
Yes! Finally got my big box of HS, so happy :)

Bus-ed home, bathed then off to baby's house to accompany him.
Can't really remember much of what we did but I remember leaving around 7 plus for Hougang Mall for dinner.
He had his favourite Mee Hoon Kuay(I don't even know how to spell it) and since I wasn't hungry, I had Ice Kachang for dinner.
It was rather stupid since it was freezing in the Food Court but I had a craving for something sweet :x

Took 80 home and we reached around 10 plus 11?
Was supposed to have a movie marathon at my house but guess what, I fell asleep halfway through the first movie which was Silent Hill by the way.
Baby slept after me and my brother woke me up after the movie ended and went up.
I stayed awake for a while then baby woke up too.
I wanted to bring him up to my room and just sleep inside, I mean there's this hugeass bed upstairs and no one's sleeping in it.
So must why just go up right?
But decided against it in the end 'cuz was scared that my parents may come down to spot check then realizing we're not there, think that we were doing something in my room.
Typical, tell me about it.

So in the end, baby slouched on the sofa with my pillow on his lap and my head on the pillow.
Drifted in between consciousness and unconsciousness all the way 'til around 5 plus near 6 before we decided to take the first bus to his house to sleep instead.
Took 80 to Kovan and while we were waiting for 112, I suddenly decided that I was hungry and needed Mc Donald's breakfast inside me and since 113 was right in front of us, I whined that I wanted to take it 'cuz I was lazy to walk to the back.
But damn, he didn't want, I mean bus concession is for lazy people, well not exactly, but I'm lazy.
Walked to the back in the end, got my breakfast and took 112 to his house.
Ate while watching Stuart Little 3(it's freaking dumb) and he bathed before going to sleep in his eldest brother's room.
Slept and nua-ed in bed all the way 'til 3 plus then finally got up and washed up.
We had lunch at 5 and just sat at the sofa doing nothing much 'til 6 plus then we went down to the canal for his run.

I think baby's really cute.
Firstly, he wears this pair of oversized shoes when he runs and when I mean oversized, it is like way big, like clown's shoes.
Then, after his run, he's perspiring and his hair's all over the place.
Looks like one of those kids who've been playing and just came back.
If only he wasn't perspiring, I would have run up and gave him a hug, swear.
And I realized something, he's big sized, yet small at the same time.
Contradicting, I know.
At least until I realized why I felt that way.
He's arm muscles(for example) are big for some one of his size as most guys are rather like, skinny?
But yet, he's not that big sized until some one will really go and say "Omg, he's huge".
Something like that, oh well.
Went back to his house and he bathed then went to buy his and his brother's dinner.
PSP-ed while he ate then left his house around 10 plus.

Walking under an umbrella held by him, with his arm around my shoulders and mine around his waist, is a feeling like no other :)

Baby's sick now, down with flu and he can't stop sneezing :(
Really hope he feels better soon :\

Been wondering how she managed to let some one like you go when I know I can never be able to.
I don't understand, I know I never will.
But one thing I do understand is that I don't ever want to see the day where you turn your back against me and walk away.
Don't ever want to lose you, 65 more days then "officially".
Love you, baby.

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