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Monday, August 18, 2008

Only love.

Yes! So happy today.

Sweetie, sweetie, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeetie! C:

I finally got to meet up with my Sweetie(Dawn)! After like months of hardly any contact at all.

Went to her house straight after school and did a little bit of Math. Rest of the time spent online. Managed to track down someone's blog after so long, Dawn's got Power man.

Slacked until around 9.50 then dad picked me up at Rivervale Plaza at 10.

Today's rather fruitful in terms of Math. I've finished like 2 exercises, Paper 1&2. Some questions I didn't know how to do but at least I managed to do most of them. Quite proud of myself.

Talked on the phone to Qing Hong just now and well.. here's what I've got to say.

Hey mother's boy! It's been absolutely ages since I last called you that.

Recently, you've been coming back into my life, ever so often. Be it just a message, or a phone call, you never fail to remind me of who you once were to me.

Tonight's conversation was a trip back on a time machine, I swear.

Always used to love our nightly conversations, you were the one who brightened up my nights and no matter how tired or grumpy I felt, you'll always bring a smile back to my face.

We had what every other couple had, love, happiness, quarrels, tears, you name it, we've been there, done that.

And like most couples, we didn't last.

But the memories will always stay, like each and every guy I've ever fallen for, each holds a different piece of my heart with them for always, you're no different.

Tonight, after hanging up, you messaged me saying that you have never gotten over me yet. Is that true?

Been itching to ask you questions that I've never found the answers to. Questions like "why did you let me go all those months before?"

You chose not to comment, that's your choice, it's true. But you did answer one question, "If you had a choice, would you do things differently?" Your answer was probably.

Guess I'll never know if things will turn out differently for you've made to decision months ago and never attempted to change it.

It's already too late to try and make amendments.

You're still the one I'll always hold memories of. But things are different and I've realized that all too clearly tonight.

The friendship's always open, dear, but I can't promise you any more than that anymore.

It's too late for anything more.


And baby, you have 2 months plus left, I'll be waiting to see how you fare C:

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