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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh lover, lover.

Complete my heart :)

I've realized that many people look down on us, Combine Science students. Firstly, they have no right to. Secondly, they think they're smarter. Thirdly, it sucks to be them.

I don't care what people have to say, but so what if I'm in a Combine Science class? I'm way more proud of it than you all in a Double or even Thriple Science class. Please don't look down on us just because you think you're way smarter than us. Does being in a Pure Science class automatically make you smarter? Does being in a Pure Science means that you'll be successful in life? Here's the answer, NO, on both counts.

Damn, so what if you learn more about Science than me? I'm learning a subject that none of you people understand and I'm happy with it. Bet you know nuts about Principle of Accounts don't you? At least I do know stuff about both Physics and Chemistry. Not as much as you know but at least I DO know. But what about you and POA? I bet you knowing nothing.

Screw you if you look down on us for not all of us are Math & Science orientated. And not only, some people in my class chose to be in Combine Science. Not all are placed in my class against their own will. So stop being a stereotype and think that you are above us. You're so not.

Well, I got A2 for my English, 70.4%. Pulled down by my stupid oral marks. If only I had gotten higher.. I scored an A1 for my written papers so damn it.

Super lack of sleep lately as I've really been trying not to take afternoon naps. Instead, I attempt to make better use of the time by studying. Notice the word I used, attempt. I always fail, there's just no energy to study, and I spend the time staring at the television screen or at the computer/laptop. Waste of time but I just can't concentrate on the words in front of me :(

You could have had her, you could have had me. You could have had us, hunneh. But you chose to take your own sweet time, assuming that we'll always be there, waiting for you to come and love us. Think again, because if you take a look back, you'll realize that we're not there any more. Both of us have moved on and you'll never have us again. We gave in our all, tried really hard to win you over, time and time again, you never appreciated all that we've done. Instead, you played hard to get, pushing us away. It's too little too late, hunneh, we're not there for you to play with any more.

I was so in love with you, there was nothing I could do
Wouldn't give me the time of day, now you wanna be with me
You said I was the best, gave your love out to the rest
There was nothing I could say, but now it's going good for me
Because I told you, you would live to regret it
But when it comes to me just forget it
I'll be the best you never had
You put me through so many emotions
Now baby it's your turn for that
Cause in your empty heart I have left a mark

♥The best you never had

Sat with him at the playground again last night and I thought some things through. Tried real hard to make up my mind about something, in the end, I still failed. What's the point? Must why just wait until after my O levels then say right. Sorry baby, made you worry(did I?). But from today onwards, I'll really try real hard not to cry whenever some thing happens, I'll stop being a cry baby.

Time to start staring into space already, so tired but I swear I won't sleep.

Desmond's working today :( Only finish his work around 11? (At least according to him.) And he's working tomorrow too, oh well. I'll spend today and tomorrow at home like a good little girl. Get some studying done too. I've been mugging science lately and I've finished 1 Chem and 1 Phys ten year series(TYS) already. Now doing another Physics one. Hope I can chiong finish all my TYS before Os. If not I buy then never finish super wasted right.

But I tell you, now a days the weather gan pua hot. Hot until I want to die already. Especially buay ta han during PE today. Supposed to play Hand Ball but we were not familiar with it so Valerie Lee asked us to play Captain's Ball then slowly modify it to be Hand Ball. Running in the heat was like fxck. First time I've perspired in months and the feeling is like shit.

Kay la, I go study already, promise I will :)

DESMOND MAH, happy working while I'm happily at home. Jia you! Don't slack(even though I know you will) and have fun. I'll be waiting up for your call. See, I'm so nice. Sacrifice my sleep for you. :D

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