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Friday, August 15, 2008

Love me like that.

Today's a rather happy day, honestly.

Fabian talked to me tonight! So happy. It's been absolutely ages since I last had a talk with him? I remember how he'll always be one of the first I'd turn to whenever I had some thing unhappy to rant about. I miss how he was always there for me. Remember it was 'cuz he found a new girl that we drifted. Some how, it just seemed weird talking to him, especially when his replies were always real vague. Knew that he was talking to his girl and that I'm not is number one girl (friend) any more. Quite sad but at least we've started talking again, that's like good right?

It's almost 11 and I'm so goddamn tired but I'm not allowed to sleep. I promised Desmond that I'll stay up and accompany him on the phone while he's on his way home. So I'm trying to hang on. Ah, so bloody sleepy :(

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