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Friday, August 22, 2008


It's not about where you're at, or how much time you spent with them.
It's about who you're with :)
That's why every moment spent with you is indefinitely precious.
Doesn't matter if it's just sitting at the nearby playground talking about anything under the sky, or taking a stroll to the next park, nor catching a movie.
Basically it's all just the same, for anytime spent with you is worth a million times more than my whole life added up together.
Never thought that I would know you as a friend, yet when I did know you, and the first time we went out, I couldn't believe that it was happening.
I'll always remember the night where we first met on the train heading to Vivo, where we both had no plans in mind, only a shared destination.
First meeting, and we spent the whole night doing nothing much in particular but just sitting there.
Came a time where we met almost daily, where we just sat down and talked.
Others may think it's boring, it's a waste of time, yet let me repeat myself, I'll never give up all these "boring" moments for the world's most exciting times.
Then, I never thought that as friends, you'll be sitting beside me today, talking to my brother, my sister, with my parents in the background.
Though we're currently under the "just friends" status, I know that one day, we'll be much more.

♥Desmond Mah, you're the person I used to dream about but never thought I would find.
If I learn to trust once more, will you promise that you'll not be like all of the others?

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