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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Beauty Stash | Colourpop Super Shock Cheek

I am bringing back my beauty stash posts because since the last one, my collection has grown exponentially and it's insane how much makeup I have considering the fact that I only have one face. I thought it would be fun to dump my stuff out, category by category and swatch all of them to share with everyone. Right now, I have too much of everything so I'm breaking them down into brands.

I love Colourpop with a passion and I'm so glad they finally ship internationally. I did a shopping spree during the winter holiday sales and I have quite a bit of their products so the first category I'm going to be talking about is the super shock cheek, specifically their highlighters and blushes because I don't own any of their bronzers. I buy all my Colourpop products directly from the USA site so I will link all the products down when I talk about them.

The super shock cheek products come into a little tub and they have a very unique soft and creamy texture. They can give off a natural finish but are extremely buildable if you want a higher colour payoff. They blend very well on the skin and I find that they apply best if you use your fingers, although you can use a synthetic brush with them. Always remember to cover them tightly after use so that the product doesn't dry out and harden!

Let's get to the swatches.

Starting off with the Super Shock Cheek Highlighters...

The first colour I have is Smoke N Whistles which is a gorgeous cool-tone pink champagne with silver reflex. This has got to be one of my favourite shades and looks soooo good on my skin tone.

Lunch Money is a soft champagne gold. It is very wearable on the skin if you use a light hand but can be built up if you want something more blinding. It is perfect if you have fair skin like I do.

The next colour is in Flexitarian and it is a more intense white champagne. It is still wearable if you have fair skin but on darker skin tones it leans towards white in colour. Mine looks a bit wonky in the tub because it came smashed but the good thing about the formula is that you can easily press it back into place.

Wisp is a golden champagne (according to the Colourpop website) but on my skin tone it looks more like a bronze. It's actually way too dark for my skin tone as a highlighter but it looks great as an eyeshadow shade.

Butterfly Beach is described as a warm beige with a silvery sheen but it pulls more towards rose gold on my skin tone, or a rosy bronze. Once again, this is too dark for my skin tone but looks great on the lids.

I got the next 2 highlights because they were in collaboration with Kathleenlights which is one of my all time favourite YouTubers. This shade is Fire and it is a peachy gold. This, too, is too dark for my skin tone.

The last shade is On the Cusp and it is a peachy gold shade. I swatched all the shades side by side in the next picture so you can get an idea of them in comparison to the other.

Moving on to the Super Shock Cheek Blushes that I have, I have 4 of them in total. A little goes a long way with these blushes so do use a light hand with them because you can always add on blush but you can't remove what is already there.

The first colour I have is Birthday Suit which is a neutral pink in a satin formula. This was the first super shock cheek blush I ever owned and I love it.

The next shade I have is in Prenup and it is a mid-tone pale pink. The colour is very similar to birthday suit but it is a little lighter and cooler in tone.

The third shade is in Between The Sheets and it is a beige pink. I find it more peach than pink though.

The last shade is Aphrodisiac which is a soft beige. It's a very pretty nude shade if you're someone who wants a little something something on the cheeks but nothing much. This shade is actually a tad too dark for my skin tone so I have to use a verrrrry light hand with this.

Here are the swatches side by side. I hope you enjoyed this post, and till the next one~

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