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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

UK & Canary Islands Travelogue | Exploring Sand Dunes

Because we wanted to head up the mountains on this day, we drove to the next hotel to see if we could unload our luggages as soon as we checked out. Our car cannot handle the weight of us human beings and our luggages whilst navigating the steep roads so the best choice was to unload our luggages and then navigate our way up.

We were really blessed to be able to check in early into Hotel Reina Ibabel which was right along the coast so we were treated to sick views of the beach and the sea side. The room was pretty big with a separate cupboard area, a balcony, and even a bathtub which we didn't use but I really appreciated.

The pool and gym area was really lovely as well. The pool was pretty small and there were so many people tanning themselves but the weather was really bright and sunny which was perfect for having a dip in the pool if you wanted to do so. 

The gym are was pretty small as well but was stocked full with the basic equipment that will suffice if any one is looking to do a simple work out.

There's a spa area to boot. We didn't make use of any of the facilities because we basically only went back to the hotel for dinner and sleep but it's good to know that there are such facilities should we want to make use of it.

By the time we finally managed to get out of the hotel, it was somewhere in the middle of the afternoon and a bit too late to navigate the tedious roads up and down the mountain so we decided instead to go shopping. #whatsnew #nothingnew #alsoitwasdaddy'sideanotmineormum's

We decided to drive to Centro Commercial Las Arenas which was the very first shopping mall we went to in the Canary Islands and the shopping whilst wasn't amazing was pretty decent. I think by this stage in the trip, we were all shopped out and we kept seeing the same clothes over and over again.

We did stop for afternoon tea at Plantaciones before driving back to the hotel. I feel like being in a Western country makes one take up Western cultures more so than if we were say in an Eastern country like in Singapore. I'm not a huge fan of desserts though so I usually opt just for a cup of coffee but mum likes to have dessert so we got one to share.

Cake (2.60€)

Tea Negros (1.60€)

Coffee with Milk (1.10€)

We opted for half board so the price of our dinner was included in the price of our hotel so we headed back after we had tea. We managed to catch a pretty spectacular sunset whilst having dinner so it was a great end to a relaxing day. 

The buffet dinner had a decent spread and there were loads of food to choose from. I was so stuffed at the end that it took all I could to crawl back up to our room, take a shower and collapse into bed.

The next day, we wanted to head up the mountains once again but there were road blocks everywhere because there was a car rally and we didn't want to wait for it to be over (we didn't know how long it the car rally would last for) so we decided to go... shopping.

The main reason why we went shopping was because my camera died on me. There was some issues with the connection of the screen to my camera and since my camera did not have a view finder, I was left with a camera that could work, just that I didn't know what photos/videos I was taking because I couldn't see what I was aiming my camera at.

We went to Las Tenazas to shop because there were reviews online that there was a camera shop there and I really wanted to get a new camera. We were about half way through the trip only at this point in time and we haven't even started touring around the UK so I was pretty upset that my camera died. (I did manage to get a new camera, thank you mumsie and pops!)

Since it was still early in the day and the shops at Las Tenazas weren't interesting to us we decided to drive South in search of sand dunes. We haven't had the chance to see any of them so far and we really wanted to so we drove to Dunas de Maspalomas

If you're thinking of heading over to see the sand dunes there, do bear in mind that you can't exactly walk to and up onto the sand dunes. To protect the ecosystem there, barriers were erected to prevent humans from walking onto the sand dunes so all we could do was to see them from afar. Also, they weren't exactly very impressive to be honest.

Thank you so much for reading! x

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