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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review | Tony Moly Aquaporin Sherbet Cleanser

It's been a while since I last sat down to do up review posts. I have been trying out a whole bunch of new products on my face and I'm very excited to share them with everyone. Most of them are makeup products which I haven't taken the pictures of yet so keep your eyes peeled! In the mean time, I'm here to talk about this new makeup cleanser which has been added into my night time skin care routine.

I have never tried balm/sherbet cleansers until I tried the Auqaporin Sherbet Cleanser from Tony Moly. I actually bought this even before the Banila Co's Clean It Zero became all the rage (I have the Clean It Zero but since I bought this product first, I thought I would give it a try first, first-in-first-out and all that shiz). So without further ado, let's get into the review.

Sherbet or balm cleansers are basically makeup removers in solid form. You scoop out a bit of the sherbet onto your hand, warm it up between your fingers/palm and when it melts into a liquid, apply it on your face like you would with a oil cleanser. Slowly add water onto your face to emulsify the cleanser once you've broken down the makeup and lastly, wash your face with a facial cleanser if you want to do the whole double cleanse thing. It is supposed to be less messy than oil cleansers because being a solid, there isn't spillage but we'll get to that in a bit.

The sherbet cleanser comes in a big blue plastic tub with a white lid. It contains a whooping 150g which is a lot of product to get through and I've barely made a dent despite using it for almost 2 weeks.

In most cases, I don't mind if products in tubs do not come with a spatula but in this case, I find it slightly annoying. If sherbet cleansers melt with the warmth of your hands, then it doesn't make sense not to include a spatula. If you were to scoop out the product with your fingers, not only will you contaminate the product inside the tub, you will also melt some of the makeup remover every time you use it. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to me not to include a spatula.

The cleanser has a fresh citrusy scent which I really love. I'm a sucker for good scents and citrus scents have got to be my favourite type of scent.

When I first started using this product, I scooped out some onto my fingers and applied it directly on my face. When I did that, I found out that some bits of the cleanser do not melt as fast as the rest and these bits ended up dropping everywhere. Then I tried scooping out a bit onto my fingers, melt the product on my fingers before applying it onto my face. This worked better but there were still some stubborn bits which refuse to melt properly so it may not necessarily be true in saying that sherbet make up removers are not as messy as oil make up removers.

So let's put its makeup removing capabilities to the test. Like always, I applied makeup onto my hand. This time round, I have the Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 200 Nude, Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium, The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Cushion Blusher in 05 Peach, Colorpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere and Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadow in 35, 64, and 37 on my hand.

I applied a bit of the sherbet directly onto the back of my hand, melted the product down, then rinsed everything off once the sherbet broke down the makeup on my hand.

As you can probably already tell, it removed EVERYTHING. One thing photos can't tell though is that it leaves a greasy film on my face which I HATE. I hate it when make up removers leave a residue on my face and this one does. On the other hand, oil makeup removers actually leave nothing on my face and I can get away with not using a facial cleanser if I so wish to do so (which I don't, I always double cleanse).


  • Huge tub with a lot of product
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Citrus scent
  • Removes makeup quickly and effectively

  • Does not come with a spatula
  • Not all the granules melt properly
  • Can be quite messy
  • Leaves a greasy film on the face

I can't say for sure whether I like using sherbet/balm-like cleansers. So far, I'm sitting on the fence with this one because while I like the whole concept of solid cleansers, this one isn't proving to be an amazing one. I actually think I would rather deal with oil make up removers because I don't particularly find them messy to use, and I can skip the step of melting down the product on my hand first before applying it to my face. 

I probably will not repurchase this because I think other cleansers are a lot easier to use than this one.

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