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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#1166: Illumi Run 2014

Guess who participated in Illumi Run 2014!!! It's my first ever marathon (not that we ran at all) and I'm so glad it was with these babies. 

We haven't met up since DnD and it was really awesome to be able to catch up with all of them :'>

The first of its kind in Asia, ILLUMI RUN is the ultimate party run. Light up the night as you get splashed with ILLUMI glow water and experience electrifying energy of our music in the ILLUMI glow zones! The fun continues after the run, with an ultimate party filled with music, glow lightings and DJs that will rev up your night! For runners, dancers, and party-lovers, it is a chance to be part of the wildest party run!

Things to take note before the run:

  1. Wear shoes and shorts that you either don't mind getting stains on, or throwing away.
  2. Tie up hair!! Unless you want your hair to be matted really badly because of the paint.
  3. Drink plenty of water because you'll be shouting a lot, talking a lot, screaming a lot…. Basically, your throat will be maxed out because you'll be having fun with your friends!
  4. Bring a ziplock bag to put your phone and valuables in if you're planning on bringing it with you during your run.
  5. Bring a selfie stick (if you're buay paiseh enough to use it).
Things NOT to do during the run:
  1. Go ehwah in EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. Seriously. It gets old after a while.
  2. Use the foam stick to HIT PEOPLE'S HEADS. Dude. Are you trying to give people a concussion or something? Chill bruh.
  3. Steal other people's foam sticks. Yes again, seriously?! My friends got their foam sticks stolen by people out of their hands just because wtf.
  4. Stop saying bo jio when other people are talking selfies with their friends. No one wants to take photos with you unless you're famous, or pretty/handsome. No one cares for your face appearing in the corner of our photo. 
That aside, I actually really had a good time with the girls! We're even talking about joining colour run next year together. We shall see. Ended off the night with Thai food and a lot of laughs at Golden Mile since it was nearby. 

I've missed all of you a lot! Till our next adventure together~

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