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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#1121: Weird like that.

| #02-01, 409 Sin Ming Avenue, Singapore 570409 |

Have you seen such amazing clouds?! Some times while SH is driving, I'll suddenly whip out my camera and start taking random photos of the clouds. I feel really happy, weirdly, when I see really pretty clouds. God's amazing like that and the little things make me happy, like when I see pretty clouds. Yeah ok enough, I get it, I'm weird.

And also, we got to have my favourite tze char food of all time hehe. I am aware I eat the same thing over and over again, and also, I keep taking photos of the same food that I eat. But it makes me happy to eat the same thing and post about the same thing. Ok, this post is become really weird. I shall end it here.


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