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Friday, April 4, 2014

#1080: Home cooked.

I love food, and I actually believe that a hungry girl (or man, woman, whatever) is an angry girl. Being hungry puts in a bad mood and I literally get weak from hunger if I'm hungry for too long. But my love for food is hindered by my urge to diet and eat healthier…….. -__- Why must most tasty food be so unhealthy T.T

But in any case, today I finally got to feast on some home cooked food after work which is the best because you know someone who loves you made it for you ^.^

Everything in this picture is home cooked except for the chicken which I believe was bought from the store. Nonetheless, everything tasted fantastic!

Didn't eat a lot because I wasn't hungry when I had dinner but I'm absolutely starving right now and that's making me angst. No food for me 'till I finish my work and go home but urghhhhhh. A HUNGRY GIRL IS AN ANGRY GIRL >:-(

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