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Friday, March 25, 2011

Still to come

I've got a feeling that I'm going to be traveling a lot this year! Please oh please let me be able to go on all the trips that are planned! So far I'm only sure that I'll be heading to the US in May/June. Most likely going to Bintan with the boy's family. And hopefully, to BKK at the end of the year with the bbgs and the guys! Haven't been overseas in so long, dreaded going all along and suddenly, feeling so damn excited to be leaving Singapore! Oh my oh my.

But anyway, been planning/confirming my April roster and I hope I'm going to be working every single day that I'm available! Seeing the amount of trips I'm going to be on I really need to start saving up. Owellz. Had my break this month anyway, like worked only 10 days our of 31? LOL. Ultimate slacker.

But life's good cuz I've been spending almost every single day that I'm not working with the boy and I've been catching up on my reading! Feel so shiok like it's the June/December holidays for me. (Y)

Shall blog another post about the gathering I had with the clique when I get the photos! 'till then.

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