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Friday, February 4, 2011

On reflection

Ok I know that my blog's beyond dead but I'm sorry! Been busy with work and all these drama so much so that I'm too lazy to turn on the laptop to update anything. I know I shouldn't be this lazy but whatever! Everyone can just follow me on twitter:@dlovesyiqing to find out about what's been going on in my life! So much simpler plus faster updates right? But please please come here whenever I've got nuffnang ads and click on them pretty please? :)

Ok so any way I've started work at Lancome (as y'all already know) and I guess so far so good? I've had my share of both nice and fucked up customers. Pretty tiring ending work at 10pm cuz it takes me about an hour to pack up and get from work to home which means I reach home at 11 plus at night. But ok la, the work isn't that demanding so I guess so far so good.

Cny's here and seriously there's no cny mood this year, no idea why! I don't think I'm the only one who's feeling this way, judging from the number of people complaining about it on twitter. But tomorrow's really going to test my patience cuz I've got work at 9.30am in the morning after which I've got to rush home to meet the family before going to my maternal grandma's place for reunion dinner. I'm going to be mad tired cuz I have to work the morning shift on sunday as well. See what I mean by it's really testing my patience? Oh and did I mention that I'm working at a totally new counter in a totally new departmental store from what I've been used to? Kill me.

Good thing is that the boy is finally going to ORD from army next wed!! Been looking forward to this moment for like 2 years?? No shit, mad excited to have him to myself for more than just weekends! Ok la I know we both have work and all but at least it'll be more flexible right?? Heh (Y)

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