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Friday, January 21, 2011


So I've finished my training at Lancome yesterday which means it's official! I'm gonna be working under Lancome and my two base counters are Isetan Parkway and Metro Paragon! Heh heh heh, any one works at these two places??? We can have lunch/dinner together (Y)

But mainly I wna vent here.

Today has been so so so frustrating for me. Woke up like 2 whole hours earlier than I wanted to cuz I think waking up during the past two days has got my body clock adjusted to waking up early, which sucks. Then, I spent the whole day at home watching MVP情人 which was good as well! (It was my favourite Taiwanese drama back when I was in primary school.)

But I was really looking forward to meeting the boy today. We barely spent any time together last week even though he booked out last Wednesday and only booked in on Sunday. Lo and behold, he booked out only at about 6-ish pm? He reached home like 15 mins ago (9.30pm-ish). I don't even know if we're meeting today cuz I was annoyed with how we've been quarreling for the whole day and told him not to bother coming over tonight.

Sigh. May seem nothing much to everyone else but it does matter to me. I need my weekly dose of hugs and kisses to make me feel better. Especially when the training was so intense with all the skin care and make up products.

To make matters worst, I'll be starting work soon and will be most likely working like 5/6 days a week? How am I going to be able to spend time with the boy?

No one understands just how shitty I'm feeling right now like totally feel like heading to bed just to sleep this nightmare of a day away. I didn't even get to drink gong cha to make me feel better.

Ok this is so unlike me to rant here. I haven't even blogged a proper post since like a year ago I think cuz every post is like a mini explanation for the photos that I posted. Sigh! Whatever. Shall just end here cuz I think this post is meaningless anyway.

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