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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A different city every night.

Christmas this year wasn't anything special but it's the little things that made it worth while :)
So I spent the Christmas countdown with D in the bus on our way to my place, heh heh heh.
Stayed up to watch 200 pound beauty on the tv and I must say it made me cry, mehzzz.
Dragged myself out of bed the next day for Crystal Jade with my family! I don't know why I bother to do so every year cuz I don't even like the food there but mum said it is like The Gathering, yes with capital letters so I have to go.
Went to D's afterwards before heading to chomps to meeting my sweets! Dawn!
Initial idea was to head to Marina Barrage but it rained earlier on and there were dark clouds in the sky so we changed our plans.
Managed to order our food, finish eating and got to the bus stop before it rained. Awesome not!
Headed to Nex to walk around and I swear Dawn and I are seriously the best at getting distracted by shops lorh.
She wanted to go get her bubble tea and we detoured for like 1 hour or so cuz we kept seeing different shops that we wanted to go into before we remembered that she wanted bbt. WIN.
Ok yes, I know you don't really care about the content so here are the pictures!


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