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Monday, October 18, 2010


Happy 23rd monthsary baby boy!

It's been the best 23 months of my life and honestly, despite all the quarrels we've had, all the tears we've shed, all the moments spent apart, all the cold wars and whatnot, I must still stand by the fact that you're the one choice that I made correctly. Entering your life was by accident, but staying here, was indeed my choice. I could've some one much better than you, but so what? I only want you, it's really that simple.

I read a quote somewhere that said of how if you quarrel everyday, and yet you're still together, that's love. I think it describes the both of us really accurately. We've had a million quarrels and yet I can never bear to spend a moment apart from you even though you may make me so upset and pissed off at times. It's like you're a drug that I try so hard to stop taking, but deep inside, I already know that I'm addicted for life. No matter, I still love you and I would rather spend a day quarreling with you than all eternity not knowing you.

I guess what I really wanna say is to thank you for giving me the best 23 months of my life. You're the only one I want and need, love you!


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