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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't ever look back


Spent my weekend with my favourite boy and I must say that time spent with him is always the best. Didn't do much actually but we went tanning on saturday! Heehee. He kept on complaining about how dark he is already and that he doesn't have to tan anymore. But he gave in cuz he knew how much I wanted to go! Best boyfriend ever seriously! See the text conversation that we just had like... 3 mins ago

Him: Happy anot this week I pei you ley.
Me: Ya happy :) I next week wanna go tanning again ley. Can we go on friday? :)
Him: Wa again ar.
Me: Oh :( then I go alone bah.
Him: Wa what go alone. Box you. Go tgt luh. When I got pangseh you.

Heehee, love you!

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