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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wordy post alert.

I feel happy today, which is more than I can say in quite some time. Despite the fact that Mr Chng made my whole class come to school 3 hours earlier (he thought that we were having lessons still so he made my class come at 7.30am for history tutorial when he realized at 7.17am that we had no lessons but we were all in school already), I had a great time with my girls and boys, even though all we did was maths. Like really! I totally didn't know that we had to do up Poisson tutorial plus Binom + Poisson extra questions by tomorrow so we were like photocopying the tutorials plus borrowing GC, lecture notes, foolscap paper and whatnot. Totally hectic. Principal's dialogue was fine, but the video shown was awesome, people walking on water?? Totally cool. Quiz was stupid, hahahaha, Mr Quek will definitely not be happy with my results beside bribing us with Magnum mini earlier on. So hao xiao. Phototaking with my class was fun! Last formal class photo ever, but it's ok! We still have many chances to take photos again. Shall upload the pictures when Grace does so! Lomo lomo.

But in any case I came straight back home afterwards and life's good staying at home. Totally spent the past 3 days with D at his place so it feels good sleeping on my tatami. And did I mention that in 5 days time, it'll be mine and D's 20th monthsary? So awesome. Can't wait for our 2nd anniversary in 4 more months! It'll be in the midst of my A levels but that's ok. I still can't wait for it!!

Life's good right now and I'm not gonna think so much anymore. Happiness is a choice you see? My mum/dad sent me an email a few weeks back and it was about happiness and I totally felt that it was so true. Happiness is a choice and I honestly choose to be happy. There's no point in mulling over things that get me down because it gets me no where. I'm gonna be a happy girl right now and even when things get me down, I will try to see the brighter side and be happier. I honestly don't know what's with this sudden burst optimism but I hope it's here to stay.

Oh and I made a pact to study from now to the end of November. Dear God, please let me see this through.

Hiak hiak. I think this is the wordiest post I've had in like the whole of this year honestly but I'm just in the mood to type our random stuff. Ok, am on the phone with D now and he's chasing my off to bed. Shall be a good girl now!


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