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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Stop digging around for dirt about me, and then flaunting whatever you've got like it's the hottest news cuz you know what? Whatever you've got (that may be true) is so half a decade ago and the rest? All untruths. I thought better of you, and I actually thought you were really nice. Thanks for proving me wrong. You're the biggest bitch imaginable. Don't act like you know me in front of my friends cuz you don't. Stop embarrassing yourself in front of us cuz you know we'll just laugh and bitch right back about you. Seriously, I don't see how talking about me makes you more popular cuz you know what, no one cares about what happened last time, life's all about the present and future. If you continue acting like last year's news is today's headline, well, you lead a really sad life indeed.

Kiss my ass, biatch.

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