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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Surprise surprise!

Saturday, a day full of screw ups but thank God, He allowed the surprise to be carried out successfully despite everything else that attempted to ruin our plan for my two baby girls. Woke up at 5 plus AM for Sports Carnival in the morning and was so mthrfking tired and stressful cuz the classes refused to come and report to us plus there were some toots that just had to argue for the sake of arguing. Miss Audrey gave Sam and I a lift to school and we bus-ed home from there. P couldn't make it but she played along so at least one of them got surprised. This surprise stressed me out for more than a week, just ask D, he knows. Rushed home and bathed before rushing out to meet D for lunch and we fell asleep until like 5.40PM and was almost late. Chiong-ed to mall to get the pizzas before meeting Dawn and Tf on the train. On the way to Marina Barrage, Dawn kept asking about P and I had to stall her with excuses like P didn't reply me and what not. Reached there, found a spot and settled down before I confessed to Dawn about the surprise and that P wasn't coming at all. Pigged out, sat there enjoying the night scenery with all the kites plus city lights. Am gonna head back there soon some day! Cabbed back home at 12 plus AM. Peektures!

Click on the below videos to see just how big the kite was. Mad scary only. I think the videos are kind of dark so if you can't see the kite then forget about it ok?

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