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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's have a toast to the past.

Why does it feel like the past is catching up with me? I admit that there were times when I tried to run away from it, just keep running and don't look back. But why is it that today, and yesterday, the 'skeletons' in my closet seem to have decide to come out and say "hi". They came to clear apologize, they came to remind me of the memories we used to share, and honestly, it made me think about them. It made me remember all the happy ones that we used to have. But I'll not remember the sad ones, those are meant to be buried forever and ever. The happy ones will do. And I'm glad that I had them, despite all the sad ones cuz the happy ones are the ones that are worth keeping, worth holding dear.

So if any one from my past reads this, let bygones be bygones. I'll love to have you all as my friends once again. Come talk to me or something? :)

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