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Monday, March 22, 2010

Going nowhere.

Photos are hereeeeeee, sorry for not updating my blog with a proper post! When I had time to blog, nothing exciting happened in my life and now that things are happening, I've got no time! So since I finished my Math test already (any how do la), I've got time to do an update! Woohoo.

Ok, so D came to pick me up on Saturday morning like at 8/9 AM cuz I woke up at like 6 that day and since it was raining plus my EZ link card was with him, he came over to my house to fetch me over to his place! Sweet no? Heehee. Bought breakfast over to D's place, Century Egg porridge for me and Ju Kueh for him. Slept straight after breakfast then woke up to study while D watched hptx then slept till dinner time. Dinner was at......... WOOHOO FISH&CO.!!!!!!! So happy only! Finally satisfied my craving. Went back to D's afterwards and slept all the way. (Yes, I'm well aware that I am a glutton and all I do is sleep and eat. -_-)

Sunday was spent mostly watching the teevee amidst moments where I studied. Good food as usual! Tom Yum noodles for lunch, Kong Guan biscuits afterwards, Canadian pizza for tea and 5 pieces of roti prata for dindinzzzz. Tell me am I fat, or am I fat :( But whatev! Whenever I'm with D I'm madly well-fed. Diet for the rest of the week is a must!

Monday I met Dawn after school and we went to Serangoon swimming complex with the intention to tan but what the heck! It was mad hot before we reached but when we changed and entered the pool, it instantly became cloudy plus started to drizzle! So qi please. But we spent the 5 hours of so catching up with one another's life and that's what's most important after all! (Y)(Y). Met Pearleen at Bishan then went to buy the tix to How to train your Dragon and it was mad awesome please!! The dragons were so cute! Especially the main dragon! Omg, I want a pet dragon too :( Home afterwards to do the stupid Math test.

Ok, I know you've been waiting for the peektures. Here they are.

Couple slippers!! (Y)(Y)

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