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Friday, February 19, 2010

Food for love.

Had dinner with Desmond, Dawn and Tf at Chomps earlier on. Dinner was mad love cuz of all of the food! You don't know just how long I've had the craving for all the food, I think I've got to go there like once a fortnight minimum just so I don't die of all the cravings I get! Mad oily and unhealthy but once in a while is fine, no? Anyway, had dinner with them, made plans for tomorrow (gonna sing overnight k!) and cabbed home.

Dawn and I shared a huge cup of chin chow!

Desmond and Tf shared a similarly huge cup of sugar cane.

Spicy hot kang kong!

Sting rayyyyyy!

Chicken wingssss

Posing with the oily goodness.

Table with leftovers!

Desmond and I, happily fed.
Forgot to take photo of the hokkien mee, sigh! But anyway, I wanna head back there again soon. Anyone?

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