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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Music: Rihanna - Rehab.

Spent our 2nd month with dearest baby at his house, we were just too lazy to leave the comforts of home.

We didn't sleep at all at my house and then left at around 6.15 to his house. Slept 'til nearly 3.

The day spent with him is just like any other typical day, nothing much special except we walked to Hougang Mall, twice may I add, for fun.

But besides that, the usuals are what kept the both of us busy. Danielle Steel for me, boyfriend for him.

The first time we went to Hougang Mall was 'cuz I wanted to return my library book and borrow 2 others, so we headed over and decided to have lunch there. It's been ages since I last ate out with him!

Walked around Mini Toons and I saw lots of adorable stuff, dear baby wanted to buy something for me as a surprise and was paying close attention to what I said was cute but I realised what his intentions were and told him that I didn't want any of their stuff.

He went for his run around 6.30 and I just sat there reading. I don't know why but I think it's really peaceful just sitting at the canal as the wind blows. Haha, addictive atmosphere.

Went back to his house and decided to go back to Hougang Mall for a walk.

Walked around, looked at handphones (I want Viewty, I still think Viewty very chio but very out-dated already /: ) then bus-ed down to my house.

Sat at the playground 'til 11 and then came back to my house.

Mahkin's staying at my house tonight! :D

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