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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The taste of her Cherry chapstick.

Music: Katy Perry - I kissed a girl.

Esplanade with Baby dearest yesterday.

Went to his house to find him after his gym, was initially supposed to go down to PS for him to sign up for his dance, then down to Bugis, then to City Hall to find my sister.

But when we reach PS, the dance place was some how not open, no idea why either.

And since according to Gerald (Desmond's friend), if we continue walking forward, we'll reach another MRT station (City Hall) so we did and had dinner at Raffles City.

The Western stall at the Food Place is like being robbed, in bright day light. Guess I don't really eat out often but I don't see how one plate of spaghetti can cost 7.xx$. All in all, my spaghetti and Desmond's Chicken Cutlet thing costed 14.xx$.

Oh well, what can we say when you're dining at Raffles City?

Decided to walk to the Esplanade after seeing the sign for it and sat along the Singapore river. Just sat there playing boyfriend (for those who didn't know, my boyfriend's Desmond's PSP), taking photos and just talking.

Photos below (:

Yay, remember one of yesterday's posts? Where I posted out all the photos of the Sentosa trip?

I remember taking one photo of the future IR@Sentosa.

Here's a picture of the future IR@Marina.

Pretty right, even at night and with the construction going on half way, the lights make it look so pretty. Am really going to hang out there one day, or maybe even work there? HEEHEE.

And while looking on at the pretty lights, I suddenly noticed that there were black blobs floating on the water.

Asked Desmond what they were and he said balloons. Can't really see them clearly in the photo but notice the black dots on the water?

Yeah, they're balloons, look how many there are. Wonder what's theie purpose..

Random but..

Guess who's pants, hand, and feet these are!

Kakaka, Desmond Mah's for sure. My hands don't look like a gorrila's paws.

More photos..

Shut up, I know I look dumb here. But I was trying to use my tongue to touch my nose.

Stupid, but I was being dumb, so shut up, shut up.

There, done for the update on yesterday.
Today, met baby at his house. Was supposed to reach at 9, but I left the house instead at 9.

Couldn't wake up on time, was too tired, heehee.d

So reached his house and after opening the door for me, he plonked back to bed and slept while I was busy playing Virtual Tennis on his psp.

Caught a picture of him sleeping, cute right? I think so too :)

Virtual Tennis is this tennis game (well like duh) and I'm bloody addicted to it!

I still remember how last week I used to whine and got irritated whenever he played this game and neglected me. But now.. I'm the one who's playing and he's the one who gets neglected.

Teehee, oh well.

So basically that's the whole day summed up 'cuz he did nothing but slept and I did nothing but played Tennis, boring, I know.

Whatev, and I've just realized that my favourite phrase now is Ka-na, sort for Ka Ni Na but if you say knn fast, it sounds like ka-na anyway.

And Desmond gets to irritated whenever I say ka-na followed by pointing my middle finger. But I can always argue with him, saying that ka-na is not knn, but just kana. Like I kana bitten by mosquito.

Broken English? Who cares, I still win anyway.
Hah, charging boyfriend for 3 more % before heading up to play then sleep.

Am not messaging or calling Desmond, just hung up on him 'cuz I got pissed over what he always says whenever I log in to friendster.

I'm gonna give friendster up anyway, so sick of replying comments and accepting friend requests.

I don't even bloody know any of the people who request to be my friend, nor most of the people who comment me.

Ya whatever, am so bored right now.
Why 3% take so long to charge one.

Anyway, boyfriend's with me 'cuz Desmond's going to his friend's chalet tomorrow and he can't accompany me, so boyfriend's here to stay.

Oh well, it's done charging. Good night.

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