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Sunday, December 21, 2008

All wrapped up in vines.

Music: Guy Sebastian - Angels brought me here.

Yay hello. Am back from Vivo City with my brother, just spent like 3 hours there with him.

I've not been out with any one of my siblings alone (with or without parents, and definitely without our other halves) since like years ago?

Or in my brother's case, never been out at all before, so yeah, had quite an okay time I guess.

Went to Vivo with my brother 'cuz he had to do mend a stall for his school, something like for CIP and he wanted to ask Wanxin along but she had a party tonight.

And since Desmond Mah has his friend's chalet to attend to tonight, I thought to myself, why not? Since I don't have anything better to do tonight anyway.

So train-ed to Vivo by 7, got behind the booth and just sat there with him.

The first hour or so, Republic Poly's students were having some singing and dancing going on, all Christmas carols and some other Christmas songs.

If it wasn't for the dancing, I swear I'll be in an uber good Christmas mood right now.

And pooh, I'm broke this Christmas, so all I have to offer as presents are Christmas cards! I know, budget, but bite me, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

Argh, so we lasted 'til 9.30 taking turns playing DJ Max and then off to McDonald's for dinner. Had a craving for it ever since around 7.45 when the people mending the stall next to mine bought Mc for their own dinner.

Gawd, ate an up sized Fillet-O-Fish and I feel fat now. Shut up, I don't care if no one agrees with me that I'm fat, I think I'm fat can already. Just take a lookie at my thighs, want to bite some one already.

Train-ed home afterwards and in the train, at Serangoon station's bus stop, and even on the bus service 43 which we took home, niggers were everywhere.

(I know I usually say bangalahs, but I from now on, it's niggers for me, sounds nicer and cool-er :D)

Like seriously, I said to my brother "Walao, tonight Mustafa have sale eh."

Keekee, racist, I know, but really, why tonight so many niggers? Upper Paya Lebar also don't have prostitutes, come here see what see.

Gah /:

But anyway, tomorrow, mini t2c outing. Confirm take many many photos, am gonna charge my camera tonight.

Tell me how, PSP only charged 49% and I'm going to fall asleep soon.

I don't wanna to have to keep the lappy on all night, waste money on electricity :(

You tell me how right now.


It's like 2338 right now and only 53% chargeddddddddddddd! Fxck, am so gonna sleep right now.

Will leave the psp in my brother's hands. Hopefully it'll be charged by the time I am going to sleep.

Hahaha, fat chance you say? I know.

Okay bye.

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