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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prom maniac.

Music: Estelle - American boy.

Prom's tonight, finally this fucking day arrives and I so can't wait to get it over and done with. Think I sound irritated, well yes, I do.

It's no where near the expected way I thought prom would be, all pampering and everything falling perfectly in place. Hell no, nothing happens like that, except in movies.

Been hassled for the past few days along with Elaine trying to figure out which hotel to book to spend the night at, and when we finally all settle on Hotel Hamilton, they have to come up with the crap, only 21 years and above can book.

Seriously, this pisses me off.

So what we've been planning for, like what to do after prom and afterwards in the room is all blown, nice try, reality really crashes us down.

In the end, we're just sticking to hanging around town, Cineleisure most likely, where else is there to hang with the night life?

Only down side, probably no drinking, sucks? I think so too.

Now I've done up my nails, both finger and toes, rather ugly may I add, but it's done nonetheless, now waiting to go to Elaine's house and she'll do up my make up. I want simple smoky eyes, still thinking if I should do up my falsies.

Meeting Joelle at Orchard Hotel itself and omg, I checked the map and it's crazy. I don't know how am I going to walk all the way there from Orchard MRT in my 3 inch, but Elaine's 4, so I don't know how is she going to do it either.

Orchard Hotel is like at the absolute end of Orchard Road, where it meets Tanglin, crap, should just call it Orchard-Tanglin Hotel, makes more sense I think.

Arghhhhh, this prom is so fucking screwed, I got pissed like hell at my new boyfriend some more, goodness, I haven't even apologised yet!

Screwed, I tell you.

Ok, whatev, I should stop ranting and get down to serious stuff.

Meeting Bby and (yucks ^^) Eugene at Orchard MRT later on after prom, yes, spending the night with KK and Joelle and Elaine too, heehee, ultimate mix.

Sleeping at Bby's afterwards, so happy.

Ok, now it's time to get to prom preparations, photos (if I get my camera back in time) next post!

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