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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wonderful, it's no surprise why I love you.

Yay, A Maths done totally and I think I can do it quite well?
Pretty happy with myself despite making a few careless mistakes, but everyone else made them, so I don't feel like crying my eyes out just because I made them too.

In between papers yesterday, Sakae Sushi with Elaine, Joey and Gekhan.
Thank God some one wasn't there, some how I irk at the thought of me liking him before, let alone waiting for him for 2 bloody years, that's like fucking long.
But I won't say it was a waste of my time, it wasn't.
I'm happy I did that 'cuz at least it thought me the meaning of how it feels like to love some one so much that no one else mattered (:
I learnt it that hard way, doesn't matter, at least I learnt it so thank you.

Oh yes, back to Sakae, we ate 'til we were goddamn full 'cuz we just any how pulled dishes from the belt.
See something, we were like "just take la, don't want can put back".
Lololol, eat and eat, I think I must have gained like 3kg or something?

But anyway, photos next time.

Desmond came to pick me up after school (at my request-.-) and sent me home.
Waited around 40 minutes for me to bathe and get ready before heading back to his house and cabbing to his mum's pub.
Well, what can I say, it's the first time I get to go to a pub and all I had was dinner and coke.
No alcohol :(
Fine, I'm underage but still, 2 more years okay.

Desmond sent me home by cab then home with his brother.
Damn, I hate taking cabs, bloody waste of money, doesn't help that I lost my phone last year and the fucking cabbie switched off my phone.
If I ever see that cabbie (haha, I know I won't) again, I confirm bring him to the police station and make him pay me back for the emotional trauma me made me go through.
I've never lost a phone in my life, besides that one, and he didn't even bother to return it to me.
Theft or what, you tell me.

Argh anyway, 1 week of O levels down, 2 more to go, then ultimate freedom yo, I cannot fucking wait.

Okay, I should go do some stuff first, get ready then find babyD.
I cannot wait, today's our 3rd :)

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