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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet hunneh.

Haha I think I want to get a job after my O levels, suddenly just so damn tempted to 'cuz I see no point in playing my time away considering the fact that I don't want to rely on my parents hard earned money to play.
That's just like, so dumb when they should be using their own money to enjoy themselves and I shouldn't be wasting theirs.
I should earn my own and then I can waste it whatever way I want 'cuz I earned it.
Omg, I can imagine all the dumb things I will get if I manage to get a job that pays.
Including something for babyD, 'cuz I don't know, just feel like, after all, he's been so sweet to me all these months.
Hah, dumb reason I know, but why do I need a reason to get my baby something?
And well, 2 more weeks to go and I'll have a full 2 and a half months of holiday to work my ass off, preferably if I get a job with babyD, then we can go to work together and come back together, ultimate happiness don't you think? :D

Ok, got to go, brother wants the computer.

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